Mar. 31st, 2017

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Mar. 31st, 2017 07:00 am
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  • Thu, 13:34: RT @lapisllong: *blink* what the fuck is wrong with him? NO.
  • Thu, 13:35: RT @SethAbramson: (THREAD) Here are the 20 most startling #Russiagate facts that freelance journalists have reported but the mainstream U.S…
  • Thu, 13:35: RT @scarylawyerguy: "Trump's tax returns are off limits, but your internet browsing history can be sold to the highest bidder w/o your cons…
  • Thu, 13:35: RT @StephenKing: Trump declines to throw out 1st pitch when the Nats open their season. Cites sked conflict, but knows the negative reactio…
  • Thu, 13:36: RT @SwitchbladeMuse: Folks can laugh, but I do feel like conservatives want it so "kids are women's burden, men have no responsibility." ht…
  • Thu, 13:36: RT @JamilSmith: Bigotry is the only reason to do this. The ability to display it publicly, and without fear of legal consequences. https://…
  • Thu, 15:04: :( Amy Bleuel, Founder of Project Semicolon, Passes Away at 31
  • Thu, 15:06: OMG Thread. You guys, they're doing that thing again. It's making me all fangirlie. @SarahMGellar & @Lin_Manuel are…
  • Thu, 15:08: RT @sarahcpr: House Republicans: We can't release Trump's taxes, we must protect his privacy Also House Republicans: Here's everyone's bro…
  • Thu, 15:16: RT @HRC: FACT:The “deal’ that North Carolina lawmakers are ramming through today would effectively ban LGBTQ equality statewide until 2020…
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