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The 4th Corner
and a sneak peek at "Certain Dark Things" (book 3):
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in paperback on Amazon

In Shadowside - second edition
with bonus short story "Converting All Your Sounds of Woe"
and a sneak peek at "The Fourth Corner":
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in ebook on Amazon

Carpe Noctem:
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Rough Spirits:
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In Shadowside:
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eta: From the LJ of [ profile] jennie_wls who is very lovely to host my fiction archives...
I'm upgrading Echo's archives today. They will be funky for a couple of hours. Please don't bombard Echo with emails about the funky archives.
Little does she know whe I opened my inbox this afternoon when I finally got home... Kapow! Bombardment had already occurred. It's being worked on, folks. Cool your heels. Read me at Twisting the Hellmouth if it's that big of a fanfic emergency. (


Going to be picked up to go to roller derby shortly. Not talking about this weekend either... for various reasons. Been writing the last few hours. Wrote a scene I've been dying to write since I started "In Shadowside". Will likely write more when I get home from the bout if I am not too tired. Oh and I finally came up with a title for the third Shadowside book... "Sparked".

Tomorrow is [ profile] tthjinni's birthday.

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eta: Progress as of 11:52 PM. Going to bed now.
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So here's a little tease of the short "Cat and Crow". It's about 600-700 words. Spider-centric. Very rough. This could all change by the time it hits the press, but the basic idea will be the same. Enjoy.
Cat and Crow )

writing day

Jun. 4th, 2006 04:25 pm
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It's a writing day. I feel disconnected, but in a good way. I'm so in my head right now, I don't think I could function in the real world. I owe [ profile] kira_snugz some fic still. Will try to get to that this week. Swear. I just got back from out of town for the family reunion... which I am not going to talk about right now.

In writing news, guess what Shadowfans? If you were not going to buy Carpe Noctem, the antholoy myself and Marie Hughes are working on, now you might wanna. There's a little story going in there called "Cat and Crow". It's some Spider backstory which some very familiar names and faces thrown into the mix. I'll be throwing up a 300-400 word tease of it soon.

Progress as of 4:25 PM
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eta: Progress as of 9:03 PM
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eta2: Progress as of 10:11 PM (stopping to sleep now)
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I am taking a bath then going to bed. This is where I am at right now. I will write most of this week when I have time to. Much thanks to [ profile] tthjinni for giving me a great idea and a place to crash this weekend.

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eta: I am REALLY behind on email. If I have not mailed you in a while or replied to a mail that you've sent to me, I will try to get to it soon. Swear.
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1. Only in Dreams
2. Perfect Situation
3. Simple Pages
4. No One Else
5. El Scorcho
6. Keep Fishin'
7. Say It Ain't So
8. Suzanne
9. Butterfly
10. Smile

the cover: "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" by Christopher John

And [ profile] kira_snugz gets ficced. I need a character or pairing and a word or phrase to prompt me.

In other news, I pulled a muscle in my thigh and it hurts like a sunnuvabitch. Dude. Seriously, this sucks. A lot. I almost cried at the grocery store earlier. Walking is a problem.

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Spent most of the night writing and rewriting after I got home from work. I tried to post this last night, but my computer at home wanted to be a little b*tch.

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Since April has been such an awful month and I've gotten almost no writing done lately, I have moved my Carpe Noctem deadline to June 1st. This should give me time to get settled in at my new job and get those last 40,000 words in.

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Writing tonight. The three titles I have so far for Carpe Noctem are Banana Moon, Return to Cinder, and Hazel Witches. I am not even watching Lost tonight. I am giving up TV until I get the first drafts of this written.

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Have I mentioned that the special edition of Little Mermaid comes out on DVD in October? Little Mermaid is my very favorite Disney. Naturally. Ariel's a fiery redhead. I can relate. LOL.
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Going to bed now.
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Not such a bad day today.

I got my car back. Am in platonic love with the mechanic. He rocks the Casbah. Yes, Mom's still in the hospital, but she seems to be doing well today and is in good spirits. Had dinner with [ profile] orion777 tonight. Then we did a little retail damage. I tried on a red vinyl dress. *snicker* I didn't buy it, but I seriously thought about it for like a minute. It was very naughty, but a bit too loose in the bust and too tight around my enormous rib cage. If it hadn't been almost $50, I would have bought it just for fun. As it was, I went nuts in Best Buy. I just now figured out why the cashier was looking at me weird. James Blunt, Narnia on DVD, Rob Zombie's latest, and two Gimmes CDs. Quite an assortment there.

Rob Zombie is one of those artists that I forget how much I love them until they put out something new. I think this one is gonna help me write "4th Corner". Rob Zombie, I love you hardcore.

Foxy foxy, what's it gonna be?

eta: I need 50,000 words for the Carpe Noctem anthology by May 1st.
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