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I updated School of Write finally. Lots of new goodies there. I have instructions on how to fix the archive situation. I will attempt to do so in a bit here. Maybe tomorrow, as I am dead tired after today.

Happy birthday, Nate. I hope you had a good day.

Am v. v. tired. I don't like working nine hours. I am glad my schedule will be back to my normal punk ass coming in at 10:30 am. This 8 am stuff is BS. *deadpans* And this saturday is my family reunion. Feel my ethusiasm. I wish I could grow some real devil horns before Saturday. Actually, what I really needed to do was hire someone to be my boyfriend so they'll quit thinking I'm gay. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, I'm just... not. I think it might be easier if I was. Then they'd all quit remarking to my face and only whisper about me when I left the room. Much better in my opinion. Only I tried the gay thing several years ago. I'm not. I like the dingdong better than the hoho.
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Don't forget to go here and enter latest fic contest:
You CAN look up the albums to get a better songlist instead of just trying to recall what Weezer songs you know.

There are just certain things you should not say to certain people. Ever.

telephone: ring ring ring
me: Hullo?
cousin: Hey, Bitchy McBitch, what'cha doin'?
me: Sitting here, eating a Dingdong.

*hysterical laughter and phone dropping*

For those of you who don't know, a Dingdong is a Hostess snack cake. It's chocolate-y cake-y goodness with chocolate icing and creme filling. She's a perv. Like I'd really answer the phone if I was... just-so indisposed.

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I just saw the funniest thing. You know how they have those Girls Gone Wild videos? Well, now they have Guys Gone Wild. It's guys whipping out their dingdongs and rolling around with each other and taking showers. All the Girls Gone Wild stuff, but guys. And that's not even the funniest part. One of the videos is called...


*dies laughing*

OMGess, that's too funny. It's just too ridiculous. Dude, where's my pants?

*dies laughing all over again*


Jan. 30th, 2006 01:32 am
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Saw Underworld: Evolution again tonight. I have decided I like it. Not as much as Underworld, but it has redeeming qualities. Like nekki spoiler )

In gross news, there was a guy sitting behind us that barfed on the floor. I am glad I didn't know this at the time. We had gone to a movie grill. I would not have been able to eat if I'd known. I thought he spilled his drink. So disgusting. If you're gonna be sick, F-ing leave. Damn. Go to the bathroom.
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So I'm browsing the galleries at the Leaky Cauldron because there's lots of new GoF yummy goodies up. Like the one of Draco in that black turtleneck which is now my wallpaper. That kid SO brings out my inner Mrs. Robinson. He's getting SO good looking... but I'm a sucker, and absolute sucker, for a bleached blonde. He can be the Ashton to my Demi one day. But I found something sorta disturbing...

Careful... it might be a dingdong... )
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omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg *laughing so hard I might pee*

Couldn't sleep. So I googled. Yes, I google random shit when I'm bored. Didn't feel like writing or reading, so I googled instead. Please don't ask what I was googling when I found this though. Ahem. Check out this Mary Sue comic by GMonkey.

"Yeah, a lot of people are mean to me. Professor Snape makes fun of my ears."

Oh holy crap! *dies laughing* That so needs to go on a stickie. As does the "Hello, Professor Greenleaf."

Actually ALL her comics are hysterical, and her art is really nifty. Please check out the Snape Beauty and the Beast pic. It's a very lovely watercolor. Just scroll down.

But don't click on the comic marked unsuitable for children if you are offended by dingdongs. I know. Me and my dongdar. Sorry. Well, no, not really because that comic is F-ing HYSTERICAL! *snorts with laughter*

"I'm going to find out who's responsible for this and set them on fire."

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Why is it that when I am hunting new images for [ profile] mpants to fashion into things for my sites for me, I find either a naked drawing or something where someone's head has been photoshopped onto a naked body? Seriously. Does this just happen to me? Also, I keep running across this sketch of Remus and Sirius shagging. Why? It's not the drawing... it's that I keep running across it. There's also a lot of creepy naked Snape out there. Not at all sexy. Creepy. Then there's the link below. Just disturbing.

WARNING: This link contains a SERIOUSLY naughty image. DO NOT click on it if you are offended by dingdongs.

Who thinks to do stuff like that? I mean, I'm pervy, but I wouldn't have even thought of that. It's just... naughty. And a little disturbing.
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Currently updating SoW. It's uploading right now. All I did was move a few things around and added a R/T fanfic link. I have to work all weekend mostly, but this is what's on the plate.... [ profile] tthjinni is in desperate need of fic balm and has requested something in a Blaise. Started that. I also started a new D/G mini. In the next week I plan to get out the next parts of SC and TotL (Trick of the Light), but I am also looking into finishing Brothermine. Remember that fic? Yeah. Hot, young, shagging Sirius. I forgot how much fun that one was to write. It's my favorite... ahem... insertion fic. But I think for tonight this perv is going to bed.

But we'll see. Jinni's need is great, so Blaise comes first. Wow. Did that ever sound naughty.

eta: Did anyone else see the news story about the 28000 year old stone dildo they found in Germany? Just me? Well, here you go then. Read and enjoy. The article even has a picture. You know, it's quite possible I have a dingdong thing. I seem to notice dingdong stories in the news and stuff, and then there's the postcard. Maybe I have like penis envy or something. Or something. Some people have gaydar. Maybe I have dongdar. Ahem. Or maybe I just need to get some sleep. Anyhow, here's the link to the article: Talk about your phallic symbols...
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Got a postcard from [ profile] riverchic1998 today. She was in Athens Greece when she wrote it. I was never so glad that *I* got the mail today. Not that my mom would have been upset by it. I just don't want to have to explain why someone was sending me a postcard with... THAT on it. I'm STILL recovering from the sex talk she tried to give me my freshman year of high school after she caught me kissing a boy. It wouldn't bother me, and I'm not embarrassed or anything. I just don't want to deal. If that made sense. It's along the lines of if she ever found out my LJ name was spankerella. It wouldn't BOTHER me to explain it, but I'd just rather not.

Do not look behind the cut if you are offended by dingdongs!
(And I am SO not referring to anything baked by Hostess)

a scan of Laura's postcard )

eta: Snagged from [ profile] gianfared. This was SOOOOOOO biased. Just because a band writes a song called "Master and Servant" doesn't mean anything. Really. Although I think this picture of Depeche Mode looks good with the dingdong pic above it. *snicker*

Vio-later )

faking it

Feb. 26th, 2005 11:49 am
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This was pointed out on another set of forums. I am passing it on because it's hilarious, but at the same time NOT. Just read it. The whole thing. Especially the name of the device.


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