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I meant to post this yesterday before I left for work, but I forgot.

I wish there was something for me to point at for people to read, but the group and the site are no longer there since it was disbanded. I wrote for them as Draco Malfoy and Omi Ryan for a long time. I'm talking anout Fawkes RPG. We were a group that wrote well together. Sometimes I miss writing for Draco. Hopefully, I'll get a little of it back when [ profile] goddessvicky and I start out D/G collaboration. Being at Fawkes taught me a lot about myself as a writer. So I have to give a shout to anyone who danced with us.

And now I have to go tally the drabbles at [ profile] malfoy100 and pick a new topic.

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I first found her on the Den of Evil. Since then she has created a bit of a crossover empire. Yes, I am talking about Jinni... [ profile] tthjinni. The webmistress, site mum, and all around grand dame of Twisting the Hellmouth.

why Jinni )

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Today we're going to talk about a Blaise/Luna writer. Raye... [ profile] carinthea. She says I am one of the ones who inspired her to write the pairing. Her work inspires ME to keep writing them.

I recommend any B/L by Raye. Completed fics include... Just Friends, Melting Hearts, Kitchen Kink (BEWARE: this one's rated very high), Hidden. Her WIPs include... I'll Show You Mine, The Future in her Eyes, and an untitled Christmas fic. Her latest is called "Purely Business". It is only posted through Part One and Part Two.

But one of my FAVORITES is a not-so typical version of Luna in Virgin Territory (BEWARE: this one's rated very high too). And for you Remus/Tonks shippers, I also have to point at A Night in Alone (BEWARE: this one's ALSO rated very high).

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I would just like to point out that while I do rant a lot about the bad mails... for every ONE "update update update" I get, there are at least ten of you who make the writing worth it. There are dozens of you who think I'm getting it right with most of the pieces I post. You are content to let me do my thing, and you understand that some days I can't sit at the computer and type as much as I would like to. I just like to rant and get it off my figurative chest. We know this, right? Good. So thank you to the patient ones who are chock full of understanding. /pointing out

Have just remembered that TtH movie fic-a-thon fic is due on the 18th and has not even been started. Crap! I have been having a REALLY hard time deciding what to write. I don't think the character that was chosen for me and the emotion I was asked to convey fit together, but I think I finally figured it out today though.

Ah, fic writers. Today we're gonna talk about Houses ([ profile] houses7177). She writes some of the best crossovers around. She writes in MANY genres and fandoms.

why Houses ).

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OK i am e-mailing you because i am very angry I NEED THE NEXT PART OF CHASE MALFOY PPPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! i have been waiting for months!!!

I really wasn't in the mood for this sort of BS today. Because though she is doing a HEAP better, my mother still has cancer, ladies and gents. She still gets hella tired, and I am still running this household, so I said... )

Well, now that that's aside and I officially ranted all my poison out today, let's see who needs to be pointed at for fic appreciation.

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Let's look at some Buffy writers... a lot of which don't even write anymore. Behind a cut for length.

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This being Fanfic Author Appreciation Week (3-6 thru 3-13), I will be highlighting those I have/do read that have influenced me in the fanfic world. I will try to do one person per day. I apologize for pointing people to the Den of Evil, but this is the ONLY person I read there anymore.

She is the reason I write D/G fanfiction. I thought this was a fair place to start. I was lucky in reading some of her D/G fic first when I started reading D/G fic. If I had not stumbled upon her D/G fiction, there would likely be no D/G in "A Drop in the Ocean", and I never would have started writing pure HP fic when I did.

For reading, I recommend...
The Colour of her Knickers, Vixen and the Dragon, and Desperado. And for anyone who complains about how long it takes me to update, I will point you to one of her current D/G WIPs... The Weasel and the Kneazle.


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