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This is how this works...

Nothing posts like memes and random crap are unlocked. Every so often I post an unlocked writing progress report. Anything personal is locked. You have to comment to be added to my friends list at all. You do not comment, I do not add you. It is unessessary to comment to this post asking me to keep you. Unless I have made a flist cut, you're still here if you were before. I always announce those cuts. If you aren't sure, please check first before asking me to add you.

I also use filters. The more personal the post, the higher the filter. If I don't know anything about you, you are not on some of the filters. You start commenting and I get to know you - you get added to the filters. It's a trust thing.

If you are just here for my writing, I do not post any of that here. Join [ profile] echolibre or for my Shadowside series [ profile] u_of_trans.

If you only want snippets of less than serious stuff, follow me on twitter. I'm spankerella there. You can also listen to me talk on a weekly podcast about geek culture. We're on facebook as Pledging Geek and on iTunes under the same thing. The podcast is a free download.

If all of this is too much, then take me off your flist. No harm, no foul.


Nov. 9th, 2009 10:55 pm
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I think I'm cranky and I need to go to bed. Post unlocked because people need to see it. Just so we're all clear and because I have been having a lot of random people I know NOTHING about friending me lately.

1) This journal is mostly personal stuff. Its posts are friend-locked. If you want to read my work, there are SEVERAL places it can be found. No, no links. Do you own work. Don't be lazy.

2) Just because you friend me, does not mean I will friend you. If you don't comment to a post, it's not happening. Also, if you have a new LJ and have never posted in it, I think you are a spam journal. Make a post, then we'll talk.

3) You don't request membership to the red pen group. You get invited. See how that works? Good.

/bitch mode


Thank you and goodnight.
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Just a reminder that this journal is friends only. You must comment to be added. You do not comment, I do not add you. If you are only here for my writing, please join [ profile] echolibre or [ profile] u_of_trans. Memes and other nothing posts are left unlocked. Anything personal, including birthday well wishes are behind a lock. The higher degree of personal-ness to an entry, the higher the filter.
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Okay, if you want to stay friended to this, my personal LJ, you do not have to justify it. If you don't know what I am talking about, go HERE. I just thought those who came here for fic might not want to be here for the personal stuff. If you do, cool. Just comment and say you want to stay. If I have removed you previously, I can always add you back. It's not a big deal.


Mar. 4th, 2009 11:39 am
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There is about to be a purging of the flist around here.

If you would like to stay, please comment. I only talk about personal stuff here these days anyhow, and some of that is in filter groups that a lot of folk are not on, so if you are just here for the fic, you really need to join [ profile] echolibre. That's where I post my scribblings. All Shadowside stuff is at [ profile] u_of_trans. All my RP stuff can be found at [ profile] caliga_rpg. So if you are just here for the writing, I'd look at those places.

In other news, I know my archives are down, but I do not host them. Willow's Little Secret does. Those sites are down too, and I have no idea when (or if) that Jen will be back. I know she took a hiatus from online life. I'm sorry if you are looking for something specific. Most of my fic can be found at Twisting the Hellmouth. My author name is, of course, echo.

So again, please comment or you will be removed. Some people already have been. Especially if you never comment in my journal, I can not recall anything about you by looking at your username, or posts in your LJ are in a different language that I do not read. What is likely to happen here is that anything dealing with my life in any way will be flocked, but quizes and fluff stuff won't be. I'll also post a friends only banner about once a month reminding people that if they want to know more about me than which HP character I am by way of a quiz to comment.
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Here we are. Changing that image again.

eta: If you post big long journal entries without using a LIVEJOURNAL CUT, I will remove you from the flist. Sorry. That's just annoying. It's right there in the livejournal FAQs. Or just ask someone. I'm always happy to explain how to do things if I know how.

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