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Still sick. Very miserable today. Tried to go to work today. Managed to last only 2 hours before I gave up and came home. Think I have hacked up at least one of my lungs.

Must post new challenges to [ profile] malfoy100, [ profile] blaise100, and [ profile] tthdrabbles.

Icon due to a post in the past by [ profile] woodisgoodcdl. Been wanting that phrase on an icon ever since I read it.


Aug. 23rd, 2005 04:02 am
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I didn't do *ANYTHING* of importance today. Though I am making headway on this Harry/Pansy fic. I also finally found my Slytherin clothing icon. Thank you to everyone who made some for me or just pointed me in that direction. I also have an out-of-control awesome Pansy icon that I will be using when I finally post said Harry/Pansy fic.

Now for the middle-of-the-night-but-I-can't-sleep bitching.

Why is it every time I get someone correcting me and I point out that their punctuation and stuff is crap in their email and say I'm reluctant to be corrected by someone who can't even type proper in a mail that they've SENT to someone, they come back with some reason why they typed like that? Except, I kinda feel crappy because they said they're dyslexic this time. But at the same time... I don't. I really have issues with someone telling me I did something wrong when it seems like they can't do it right themselves. I so don't have a problem with people pointing out my typos and mistakes. Don't think that, but don't think I'm not going to be a little funny about someone who corrects me in one long run-on sentence with no capital letters. And I feel for this person's plight because having a learning disability is a bitch, but at the same time, when you first mailed me, I didn't know that, so...
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I am just waiting for McAfee to finish scanning my computer then I am off to work. It's been a lazy sort of day today. I didn't really do anything I had planned to do. Can you believe I almost have 100 icons now? Seriously. I even have some that are... naughty. I've always wanted naughty icons. I have room for about 3 more then I'll be at 100. I really want a couple of Slytherin ones, but I can't seem to locate any that I like. Not Slytherins, just generic Slytherin. I have plenty with Slytherins on them (hello Draco). I mean like the tie, the quidditch uni, you know... Slytherin stuff. Generic Slytherin things. I even have a Dark Mark icon now, but I want, I guess I should be specific, I want a Slytherin clothing one. Yes, that's it. *sigh* I'll eventually wander across one that I like.
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Many new iconses because LJ upped the user pics to 100 on paid accounts. Woo hoo! Actually, I just went back and re-uploaded a bunch of stuff I had deleted to make room for newer icons... and I still have room for more! Woo hoo! Like Veruca? I nearly DIED when I found that pic.

In other news, will not hear about how job interview went until later this week. Prosperity chants would not be unwelcome. I want to quit the theatre so badly that I am almost sick with it.

Snagged from [ profile] booster17.

I'm a lesbian first lady. Woo
Which Famous Homosexual Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

eta: About the lyrics contest... so far I have a tie for first. Not saying who, but two people both have 18 points currently.

eta2: Didn't feel like doing a whole other post for this.
the BtVS character thing that everyone and their grandma's dog has taken )
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These are shipper and character icons from Snake Charming as made by Sarah ( I only have space for one, so I asked her if I can post them here so that others might use them as well. If you take, please credit her. The first eight are specifically related to SC. The last two are just general Slytherin stuff.

a tease:slyth3-hog

ten behind this cut )

So I was feeling a little depressed today. So I went underwear shopping. Man, that always perks me right up. I bought two pair of pantties and two bras. Why do they call it a pair of panties? Like pair of jeans, you know? Pair? It's one. Is it because both your butt cheeks go in it? Something to think about.

So anyhow, one of the bras was FABULOUS, and I have taken a picture to share. No, I am not *IN* the bra. It's lying on a blanket with no one in it. But I had to share because it's... so girlie in a slightly wicked way. AKA perfact for me. It's black with pink lace and little pink rosebuds on it.
cut for anyone who doesn't want to look at my underthings )

And this is the corner of Potter I said I'd take a pic of after I hung my GoF poster.
HP nerd ahoy )

eta: Sorry about posting the bra pic twice. I guess I really wanted everyone to see my bra. You'd think I'd had enough of that after last Tuesday's events.

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