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OMGess! Sar has an LJ. Cool. Corrupted finally. [ profile] star1sar, welcome. I needed you at work tonight, Sar. Kristy and I had the funniest conversation about farts. I was laughing a lot.

OMGess! Has anyone seen TBS's commercials for LotR? One of them is talking about how Aragorn and Legolas are the hotties of Middle Earth. Lots of hair tossing shots. Hilarious. The other one I've seen plays the song "Secrets Lovers" and has all these clips of Sam and Frodo. Absolutely fricken HILARIOUS! It's all about the gay hobbit love, you know. If you get a chance to catch these commercials, do. They mostly play them late at night I have discovered.


May. 23rd, 2005 04:58 pm
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A flash music video. Hilarious. Might take a minute to load.
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More LotR gifs courtesy of Mark One. The funniest one, in my opinion, is the last one #7, but #5 has a special meaning to those of us in the musical act Jim Jones and the Kool Aid (which if any of you are reading this, I say we stick to what we know and do "Under Pressure" next time).









eta: I can't believe I forgot to mention this! Peter Wingfield (Methos) fans, you need to check out an episode called "Tying Up Gerald" on a show called "Bliss". I was channel surfing the other night and came across it. I was like, hey, that looks like the dude that played Methos on the Highlander Series. And it was. And he's bare-assed and half nekki and tied up and getting spanked. It was HOT. There were chains. I couldn't believe they were showing it on basic cable. It was a little hotter than you usually find TV. Oxygen network, late at night. I must agree with anyone who had ever said that man is well-made. Whoa and a hell yes. He's fairly sculpted and has a VERY nice booty. Very nice. He's magically delicious.



Feb. 16th, 2005 01:42 pm
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Boromir fans ahoy! These are freaking HILARIOUS. They had to be shared IMMEDIATELY. Sent to me by Mark One. They definitely lightened my mood... though I'm still irritated.

eta: More.

Bears that shoot lazer beams out of their eyes. LMMFAO!


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