Jan. 23rd, 2007 10:15 pm
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Here's the collection of lines.

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I love when I get in a writing mood. Especially when I feel like I need variety, like I need to mix it up. The weather has been craptastic and didn't make for good driving conditions for being out. Plus I've been in a very antisocial place this week, and my mom's been extra needy, so I have stayed close to home. So I have been writing a lot. I've been killing on original stuff lately. Just working my little booty off. But I need variety, so I've been switching off with original work and fanfic. The amount of fic I've been posting lately should tell you how much original stuff I have been working on.

In that spirit, I need something to help me out for later tonight.

I want first lines. Just give me the first line to a mini-fic, and I'll write the rest of the mini-fic. The catch? You don't get to choose what I write. I get to pick my fandoms and characters. You give me the line, I fill in the rest. Like "It was a dark and stormy night." I start after that. Just one line. And you only get to give a line once. Get it? Got it? Good. Hit me. CLOSED.

Totally good now. Have plenty. Thanks. Damn.
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Valentine's mini list is here. Some of these... I am just not sure on. I'm going to try, but a few of the characters I hate a little so... and some of these pairs I just DO NOT see. We'll see. It is going to be VERY difficult for me to write Max/Liz and Maria/Michael because I am a Polar (Michael/Liz) shipper. Also, I am not a slash writer. I have a difficult time writing Spike with a guy.

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CLOSED I think I have plenty of these now. Thanks, guys.

So, I kinda get into Valentine's Day for some odd reason. Don't ask me why. i've been listening to U2's cover of "Everlasting Love" and I wanna write some bitties. Don't worry, I'm still working on what I owe folks. In fact the Dropverse/SPN crossing is plugging right on along.

I want to compile a collection of LOVE minis for the holiday this year, so I need pairings from you guyses. Doesn't matter if it's a pairing I haven't written before. I'll try it. Crossovers welcome. If you request something I absolutely don't or won't write, don't worry, I'll let you know. Right off I should mention that I do not write incest or Draco/Hermione or Spuffy. Sorry.

These are the fandoms I will write in: BtVS, Angel, Roswell, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Firefly, Anita Blake, Dr Who, Torchwood, Veronica Mars, Underworld, the Covenant, Addams Family (mostly Wednesday though), Sky High, Labyrinth

If there's some fandom you know I am familiar with but have not written in, request it. We'll try, ay? I'll let you know if I can't wrap my brain around it.

eta: You get ONE request, ladies and gents, so make it count, and please don't request something someone's already requested. I'm only writing each pairing once for this, k?

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More lyrics. For more fic. One point for the artist, one point for the song title. Most points wins it. Happy guessing. Googling is cheating. Comments are screened until the answers are revealed.

CLOSED... Answers posted.

the list )

AGAIN... googling is cheating.

CLOSED If you would like to request a New Year's drabble, feel free. I'll need one character (specify the fandom please... just to be clear) from you. Nothing else. The universal theme on this collection shall be underpants. I feel like bras and panties and whatnot for the New Year.

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title: Prezzie
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to JK Rowling.
fandom: HP
character: Ginny
prompt: present
summary: Ginny gets a special gift for the hols.
shout: For [ profile] kat_in_the_park.

Prezzie )

title: Under Where?
disclaimer: Not mine. Belong to Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke.
fandom: BtVS/SPN
character: Sam/Dawn
prompt: "Those are my underwear."
summary: Sam gets dressed and undressed in a hurry
shout: For [ profile] kira_snugz.

Under Where? )

title: Six
disclaimer: Not mine. Belong to Joss Whedon.
fandom: AtS
character: Lorne
prompt: hot chocolate
summary: Lorne's seeing familiar and not so familiar faces in his sleep.
shout: For [ profile] fireweaver.

Six )
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title: Stinkle
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to JK Rowling.
fandom: HP
character: Draco
prompt: asparagus
summary: You really do learn a new thing every day.
shout: For [ profile] embe11ished.

Stinkle )

title: They're Only Noodles Michael
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to Joss Whedon.
fandom: BtVS
character: Spike
prompt: noodles
summary: Spike and Dawn are trying to watch a movie.
shout: For [ profile] lady_sylver.

They're Only Noodles Michael )

title: Midnight Mass
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to Joss Whedon.
fandom: BtVS
character: Oz
prompt: travels
summary: Oz has been a lot of places and met a lot of different folks, but he decides to find a familiar face for the hols.
shout: For [ profile] lunalovegoddess.

Midnight Mass )
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title: More Snot
disclaimer: Not mine. Belong to Joss Whedon and JK Rowling.
fandom: BtVS/HP
character: Xander
prompt: snuffle
summary: Xander has a new crush.
shout: For [ profile] goddessvicky.

More Snot )

title: Faith in Boots
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to Joss Whedon.
fandom: BtVS
character: Faith
prompt: boots
summary: Faith likes her Christmas present.
shout: For [ profile] leighleighla.

Faith in Boots )

title: One Guitar A'strumming
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to JK Rowling.
fandom: HP
character: Tonks
prompt: guitar
summary: Tonks watches her boyfriend.
shout: For [ profile] ficklevillain.

One Guitar A'strumming )
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title: Holiday Dress
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to Joss Whedon.
fandom: BtVS
character: Willow
prompt: velvet
summary: The wonders of a holiday dress can be endless.
shout: for [ profile] angelskuuipo.

Holiday Dress )

title: And the Giles Was Hung Over in Bed with Such Care
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to Joss Whedon.
fandom: BtVS
character: Giles
prompt: hangover
summary: Giles reflects on the night before.
shout: For [ profile] theladylies.

And the Giles Was Hung Over in Bed with Such Care )

title: Merry Christmas I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight
disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to Eric Kripke.
fandom: SPN
character: Dean
prompt: gummi bears
summary: Dean gets festive with the food.
shout: For [ profile] tthjinni.

Merry Christmas I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight )
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For my drabble requests, I got 12, so they are now the "12 Drabbles of Echo Ficmas"

the requests )

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New guesssing for fiction. Twenty song lyrics. Tell me the title and the artist. One point for each right part. Most points gets a fic. Googling is cheating. Comments are screened until the answers are revealed. Happy guessing.

CLOSED... answers now posted.


the list )


AGAIN... Googling is CHEATING.

But everybody who wants one until I close this round of guessing gets a drabble, so if you'd like that, please leave me a comment including a fandom, a character, and one prompt word

CLOSED NOW Sorry. I may open up for drabbles again once I get these finished. We'll see.
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These are my past, present, and the home of my future "to do" lists for fic.

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This is what I shall be writing for the hols. As I get more of these, things will be added to it.

Dear Santa, I want a pony, a sonic sledgehammer, a bullwhip, and Dick... )

gravy ducks

Dec. 8th, 2006 10:08 pm
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Anyone wondering about this:

Well, no one guessed it. Gravy ducks are pinched up pieces of white bread in gravy. The idea being they look like little white ducks on a gravy pond.

eta: Snagged from [ profile] empressvesica:
tarot meme )
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Anyone who can tell me (specifically) what gravy ducks are will get a mini fic out of me. Yes, there is a specific answer. No, no hints will be given at this time.

I plan on working on the remaining two I owe on my "to do" list tonight. Hopefully the Dawn/Nathaniel one will get completed and posted later. We'll see. After I get that round of "to do"s finished, we'll work up a new list of them. Hopefully it won't take me as long to complete this one. It's just too much stuff has happened to me in the last few months.

to do list

Jul. 19th, 2006 05:28 pm
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I still owe 2 fics for the amazon review thing. And two for the movie guesses. And one mini for the picnic game.

the list for my own benefit, but also if you wanna know what's coming up from me )
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These are the answers to this:

1. Sense and Sensibility – Colonel Brandon forever. I love his character. Both in the book and in the film. It helps a lot that Alan Rickman played him.

2. Goonies – Mikey Walsh. Oh, I had a ginormous crush on Sean Astin when I was a little girl. I love his sense of adventure.

3. Saved! – Patrick. He took the preggers girl to the prom. He skated for Jesus (he hit the board for the Lord). He was right… he was, like, totally adorable.

4. Sky High – Warren. Surly cuss who can make fire. I so have a fire thing.

5. Fright Night – Peter Vincent, Vampire Killer. OMG, I love this movie. It’s so crazy and 80s, but I love it. Peter so cracked me up.

[ profile] kira_snugz and [ profile] dotty8608 tie for the prize. I’ll be waiting to hear back from them.


Jun. 25th, 2006 12:22 pm
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So far I owe 4 fics for the amazon review thing. And two for the movie guesses.
the list for my own benefit, but also if you wanna know what's coming up from me )

If you want fic for an amazon review, please reply to this post or mail me at:
echo_liz(at)hotmail(dot)com. If I have missed you in this and you want some fic, mail me or reply.


And now, we're gonna play a game. Those of you who have been reading lately will know what I'm talking about. We're gonna play picnic. You're going on a picnic with me, and you have to bring something. So you'll reply to this post with "I'm going on a picnic with [ profile] spankerella and I'm bring pie (or whatever)". Whoever brings the most interesting thing to the picnic gets mini-fic. FYI, anyone who says they're bringing a baby jesus butt plug is automatically OUT.
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A few things.

I have no internet at home right now. Though my computer wasn't wanting to start last night either, but I took the casing off and fixed it myself. Go me. Had my car towed to the auto garage place this morning. I am hoping it'll be fixed by Monday. [ profile] star1sar and [ profile] tthjinni are coming over tonight. There will be dinner follwed by cable modem shopping and various other shopping, but mainly a cable modem so I can finally sign up for high speed and be done with it. I can't REALLY afford that right now, but I am ever-so tired of having a crappy internet connection. Buh bye AO-hell! Buh bye People Feces!

Next, if you recently left or have left a review of my book at Amazon, thank you. With that ONE glaring exception, of course, and you know very well who you are. But if you left a review and would like a little somthin' somethin' for it, because I do appreciate you guys, leave a comment to this post. Please tell me which review was you though, as it might not be obvious to me. If you don't want folks connecting your LJ name to your Amazon ID, then mail me privately at echo_liz(at)hotmail(dot)com. But only if you want a little mini ficcie for it. It'll be an uber mini of your choosing.

Lastly, we have another contest. Easier than the Weezer song one, I think. Again, this is for 2000 words.

the contest )

eta: Last night's word count:
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31,279 / 50,000

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