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Been writing and editing and outlining this weekend.

Writing on "The 4th Corner". I'm not happy, and I don't know why. I want something more from myself on it. I don't know what it is, but it has to be better. I have to do better than "In Shadowside" on it. Maybe I'm too hard on myself, but I don't feel like it's coming together like it should. Now "Tinge of Sloe" is. I think I shall have to make a collection of shorts for Shadowside one day. I started Brenna short that will be in the reprint of "In Shadowside". Don't have a title. This is mainly what she was doing while book 1 was going on.

Editing on "Rough Spirits". I need to put on my big girl pants and finish this, so I can get it to the publisher. I think this project vastly suffered because of my depression. Well, I'm not fucking depresssed anymore. Time to get my ass in gear.

Outlining 2 new stories. One with a title and one without. I outline A LOT. I get new story ideas and type them all out so when I go to work on it, I have an idea of what I was thinking.

One of then I am referring to as my God-apalooza because it features many deities. Mainly Hades... because in case I never mentioned it, I have a Hades thing. Any Greek myth with him was love for me, but my favorite Greek myth happens to be Eros and Psyche. Still, I love Hades. You'd think me being me it'd be Ares or Athena or something. Nope. hades. But Ares is in it too. Because hey, you can't having fighting without Ares.

The other is, of course, a vampire story. I know. How original. I may tie it into one of my other vampire universes, but I have not figured out how to as of yet. So right now, it stands on its own.

And now I need a shower.
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In reading over my last several posts I have realized that all I have been doing is lamenting getting my 20K words for [ profile] dracobigbang and griping about work. I'm not going to do that today.

Because that's not all that's been going on.

Just because I don't talk about something, doesn't mean anything. Sorry to say that what's foremost on my mind is what gets discussed or hashed out in this LJ.

lots more under here )
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Not flocked because this is a writing update. I planned on doing this once a week, but I now see how unreralistic that is for me, so I will shoot for once a month.

*I have been busy editing today, so if you are a member of [ profile] echos_red_pen, there's plenty waiting for you.

eta: Let me stress again that Red Pen Group membership is by INVITE ONLY. It currenlty has 9 members besides myself. That's 9 betas. I don't think I need more than that, but if someone drops out or doesn't have the time, I will take applications again.

*The concept for the cover art for "The Foruth Corner" is up at [ profile] u_of_trans. I am working on it again, and want to have it published in 2011.

*In the immediate future, I plan to finish the final edits for "Rough Spirits" and get that to the editor. I wanted to have it finished in 2009, but life did not work out that way for me.

*I will also start editing the stories I wrote for Nano (Return to Cinder, The Burn and Bring Out Your Dead which can be found at [ profile] echolibre) to compile them as an anthology along with the previously unrealsed story "Banana Moon" and the Shadowside prequel "Cat and Crow" - which I need to rewrite the ending for since I now hate it.

*In fic news, I will finish the Valentine's minis. I also have to work on my bang fic for [ profile] dracobigbang. It's supposed to be 20K words. I have less than 1000. I don't know when the next part of "Fix the Twist in You" will be out. I am not feeling inspired there, but previous parts can be found at [ profile] echolibre and Twisting the Hellmouth.

*In collective writing project news, [ profile] scriptificus starts on February 1. It's going to be a series that I am writing with 4 other writers. It's a BtVS/HP crossover.
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Long-term Goals for 2010:

- "Rough Spirits" is going through edits currently with a tentative publish date of January 2010. I am shooting for this, but that means I must get the edits done. Definitely early 2010 for publication, though.

- "Carpe Noctem" will be an anthology of short stories by me including the works "Banana Moon", "Cat and Crow" and "Return to Cinder" so far.

- "In Shadowside" will be re-edited and re-released with a bonus short story set in that universe.

- "The 4th Corner" will be re-written and completed.

Short-term Goals for 2009:

- Finish edits on "Rough Spirits".

- Finish "Return to Cinder" as NaNoWriMo project.

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