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The 4th Corner
and a sneak peek at "Certain Dark Things" (book 3):
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in paperback on Amazon

In Shadowside - second edition
with bonus short story "Converting All Your Sounds of Woe"
and a sneak peek at "The Fourth Corner":
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in ebook on Amazon

Carpe Noctem:
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Rough Spirits:
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In Shadowside:
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I fail at keeping up with posts. Then again. I've been writing so... in case you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I have finished "The Fourth Corner" and it is with the editors.
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I just finished "The Fourth Corner". For realsies, ya'll. After so long, I almost can't believe it's finally happened. With as long as it's taken me to write this one, I'll bet some of you can't believe it either.

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Nov. 23rd, 2013 10:33 pm
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I can't believe I am almost finished with this book. Well, the official first draft anyway. Next comes the rather painful editing process, and I know there are plot holes and all sorts of mess to correct. I'm hoping to get that squared away by the summer so I can have the book out in the fall of 2014. I promise book 3 of the Shadowside Trilogy won't be so long in coming. I am, however, taking a break from that universe after this. I need to write something else for a while. And how I ended this one has been emotionally draining. I think I need to write something less serious next.

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You know how sometimes you're writing and things just happen? I'm writing the new ending to "The Fourth Corner" and something I wasn't planning on revealing in this book just sort of slipped itself in. It works where it is, but my characters just surprised me.

A little over 8900 words to go. This is it!

41083 / 50000 words. 82% done!
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I have been working very hard on "The 4th Corner". I am starting to post later chapters to my editing horde, and I have sent the first half of the book for a serious edit. I plan on sending it through about 3 or 4 people before I send it to ComStar. My goal is to have it completely rewritten by the end of the summer and to the publisher before the end of 2012.

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