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Sent my final "In Shadowside" back to Jenn at ComStar. It's crunch time now. *feels a little queasy due to nerves*

eta: School of Write updated again. Nine, yes NINE, new members added to the harem. What can I say? I felt like playing today.
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Snagged from [personal profile] empressvesica.

my witchy wand )

Getting down to some serious writing now. Updates as they occur.

eta: daily progress report
11:47 AM - starting chapter 26 now, 331 pages down.
5:09 PM - starting chapter 27 now, 342 pages down.
8:18 PM - starting chapter 28 now, last chapter, 355 pages down. I may finish this off tonight. Go me.
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I just got home from work. Screened Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Excellent film. It was so right up my alley... a love story where the lovers try to kill each other and blow a lot of sh*t up in the process. There's some serious love/hate going on there, and we all know that's my fave kind of romance. But I won't say any more so not to spoil. It's good. Go see it. It's worth it, in my opinion.

I have to work tomorrow. *looks at the time* Or later today actually, but I did want to get some more rewrites done before I crash, so... starting chapter 25 now, 317 pages down. I am almost there. The page numbers have been fluctuating due to things being added and things being cut, but there are only 28 chapters in the book. Getting there. When I am finished, I will let it set for a few days. Then I will give it a last read-over. Then it is going back to Jenn at ComStar. I'm a little proud of myself right now. I've come a very long way in just ten days.

eta: Have not laughed that hard at Brad Pitt since True Romance and the bear bong.
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Daily progress report:
1:07 PM - starting chapter 23, 292 pages down. Will be taking a short lying-down rest now though, as I slept crappy last night.
4:30 PM - starting chapter 24, 305 pages down.
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Daily progress report:
1:08 PM - starting chapter 20, 252 pages down.
3:27 PM - starting chapter 21, 264 pages down.

Have a phone interview at 2 PM for a job I really *REALLY* want. *is nervous*
update: I think it went well, but what is it with places wanting to interview folks like ten times before telling them they have the job? Today was technically my THIRD interview. They have not finished my background check, credit check, or given me my drug test yet. Sheesh. Granted, should I get this job, I will be dealing with very large bricks of money.

eta: Yes, yes, yes, I am HORRIBLY behind on email replies. Please don't think I am ignoring you. Sometimes it's just better, my mood considered, if I do not reply to mails. And then sometimes I just don't feel like sifting through my inbox. So don't think if I'm posting here, I have the time or inclination to reply to mails and am ignoring you. That's so ridiculous.
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I'm back home and back to writing.

Daily progress report:
Not certain about current chapter. 208 pages down though. Revised chapter one is up at Origin by E if anyone is interested. Plugging on now. e out (for now).

7:53 PM - starting chapter 17, 213 pages down.
10:29 PM - starting chapter 18, 227 pages down.
11:23 PM - starting chapter 19, 239 pages down. About to call it a night though. Tired.

by the way... My Kit and Carlos, Spike/Dru 'ciao', and 'sported by this post' Michael icons are by [ profile] houses7177 and can also be found at [ profile] deadlyduo. She's also made some nifty HP ones, but I haven't decided on any of those yet. They're 'the pretty'.
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Daily Progress Report:
9:59 AM - just completed edits thru chapter 13. 170 pages down. Am about to leave for work.
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Progress reports:
2:25 PM - In chapter 9 edit, 104 pages of edits completed.
3:42 PM - starting chapter 10, 115 pages done.
5:32 PM - starting chapter 11, 128 pages done.
9:30 PM - Just finished eating dinner after a measley 3 hours of work. 133 pages down.
10:03 PM - starting chapter 12, 141 pages down.
10:37 PM - starting chapter 13, 156 pages down.
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So this rewriting thing is going well so far. Granted what I am checking over, I had already been over. As I get closer to the end of the novel, that's the stuff that hasn't been rewritten at all. It might not take me all of June to rewrite "In Shadowside" after all. I made it through four chapters (52 pages) today... and I'm not remotely finished with it for tonight.

The weird tension, that I never knew was SO weird, that I never realized existed between Madi and Spider is gone. He reads more fatherly now. I may reload chapter one so people can see for themselves.

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