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What's with all the prompts on my prompts site being kind of lame for the first week of December? I'm trying to keep posting but I don't want to type about nothing.

I've been reading a little fic lately. SPN crossovers mostly. If anyone knows some good ones, pass them along. I read in bed on my phone at night. I am growing particularly fond of Sam/Dawn... which is uber weird.
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6. What's your current fandom love(s) and/or ship(s)?

I believe I've mentioned the Captain Swan. I am so about Emma and Hook on Once Upon a Time that it is not even funny.

I so want a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie because Clint and Natasha have MAD UST (Avengers).

I kind of want Elijah to hook up with Hayley for some odd reason, and I would so love more Marcel and Rebekah on The Originals.

My weird SPN ship was Castiel/Meg. Still is, dead Meg or not.

I kind of dig Felicity/Oliver on Arrow because Laurel is kind of a cunt, pardon my language.

And I have a crush on Thor's arms.
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Dude. I am so friggin tired right now. But I had to post because I was sharing with [ profile] tthjinni earlier that I had recorded Supernatural tonight because I was out running errands. I also shared that if I did not watch it tonight, I would have to wait until Sunday night to watch it. She then made a comment that made me scarf down my highly un-nutritious dinner from Taco Cabana, and watch said episode. She said there was something I would laugh at, that would mean something to me, but didn't tell me what, so of course, I had to watch for it.

I officially love Ben Edlund (the writer of this episode) for the Ramones love.

Some Spoilers ahoy )


Mar. 23rd, 2007 11:12 am
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Don't forget to play:

So... supernatural spoilers )
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Oh, SPN fans. Go here. Don't drink anything you don't want coming out your nose. I am totally adoring [ profile] stayrnfive for posting this link in his LJ and making my Friday work day that much more bearable.
Plastic Winchester theatre. *rock music plays*
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title: Lux in Tenebris
rating: 15
disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Rowling, Whedon, and Kripke. I'm just borrowing to suit my own sinister and perverted purposes.
summary: Two sets of hunters meet in the Roadhouse. Set in the future of the Dropverse.
shout: For littleoldme who wanted to see Drop's Lily Snape, Dawn, and Connor meet the Winchester boys.
AN: Spoilers for S2 Supernatural thru Croatoan. Yes, this means I do plan on working on Snake Charming again, I just haven't felt like it in a long time.

Lux in Tenebris )
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title: Lightening Crashes
rating: 15 (swears)
disclaimer: Not mine. Eric Kripke and Russell T Davies. I'm just borrowing to suit my own sinister and perverted purposes.
summary: The Winchester brothers have a unique encounter in a public rest room. Crack!fic. Supernatural/Torchwood.
shout: In all ways for [ profile] tthjinni. Every fangirl should have a fellow fangirl like her to exchange cracked-out ideas with.

Lightening Crashes )
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*shakes fist*


eta: More Kripke bitching! Eric, you cocktease. You're my cracksperation. You complete my insanity. Damn you.
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title: Five Families That Returned the Gift of Dawn
author: echo
rating: 13
disclaimer: Not mine. They are of Joss Whedon, JK Rowling, Eric Kripke, Chas Addams, Disney, and Rob Thomas.
summary: Those monks just couldn't get it right.
AN: Blame [ profile] tthjinni. I just might have to start doing some these "five things" more often. This is the direct result of a phone conversation we had on Thanksgiving. She's right, you know. We do have the weirdest fangirl conversations.


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