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First, if you do no remember THIS, go watch now. It's the Fruity Oaty Bar commercial from Serenity.

Now THIS was pointed out by [ profile] brendanm720 this morning. Look for Round 2 Serenity.

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Snagged from [ profile] jennalei. If you have seen Serenity, go to the link hidden behind the cut (hidden for spoilers)...

Serenity parody )
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For fic purposes, two questions...

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Well, it's just after 3 AM here, and despite the fact that I was falling asleep in a chair earlier, I felt the need to check email and post this post. Well... because... I have a Draco Malfoy Lego now. It's the most awesome thing ever. There was sort of a witches/wizrds theme with my gifts tonight. I am also the proud owner of a Slytherin mug, a George Weasley action figure, Anakin/Darth Vader Legos, several gift certificates to bookstores, and Son of a Witch... the sequel to Wicked... and AND I'm going to see Wicked the musical in October. Plus a whole plate of sugar cookies. I love sugar cookies. I'm eating one right now.

I think I like Draco best though. *snicker*

I'll take pictures and post them when I am less tired and loopy. Oh and whoever said Joss had a bit part in Serenity? Um, no. I did not see him. And I was looking this time. [ profile] tthjinni, I hope you were not frightened, offended, or overwhelmed by us. And I completely understand if you never want to see any of us again after tonight. LOL.

Going to sleep now.


Oct. 1st, 2005 04:30 pm
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I love Animal Crackers. You wanna know something? The monkey was NOT wearing pants in my box. It was an indecent monkey. He was pant-less, so I ate him. Mwahahaha! I've been feeling kinda... naughty lately. It's probably bad that I'll be around people tonight. Meh.

Am taking a break from cleaning house. Obviously. Can't wait until tonight. More Serenity and presents. Presents are always fun. And as it is officially October now, Mom and I put out some of her Halloween stuff. LOL. She's got a TON of it. The only holiday she has more stuff for is Christmas.

good day

Sep. 29th, 2005 02:09 am
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It was a pretty good day... considering how it all started. I am about to watch Lost then go to bed. Yes, I am home fairly late for even me. Wanna guess why?


I love Joss. He's so my hero. We're still watching it on Saturday, people. It's my birthday gathering, and I feel like more Joss. I should take everyone I know separately like I tend to do with the HP films.

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Finally visited [ profile] tthjinni. Even though I got all lost like a big dummy. I'm so bad at driving myself places. It seems I didn't scare her too badly, and she's coming with the crew on Saturday night. I'm thinking I'll be forcing "Serenity" on everyone, big Joss geek that I am. If I ever meet him, it's gonna be so scary. He's so my hero. He's so very my hero. I wish I had known how bad my hair looked tonight though. Uber scary. Very not cute at all.

Oh and crew, I warned her about all you. Even Jason.

We watched us some Firefly... which I left with her to get caught up on. I think she's finally seeing why Jayne is so special... even though I suspect she still has a thing for Captain Tight Pants. Not that I blame her. Mal's hot. And all noble and stuff. I came home with books too. I like getting new things to read. Speaking of... I wish my Firefly comics would hurry up and get the heck here. I want to read them before I see Serenity.

In writing news... I think I am gonna rewrite the first part of "Empire of Dirt". I was thinking about that driving back from Dallas tonight. No werewolves. All vampires. Trust me. Plus I kinda had an idea for finishing the third part of "Little Achilles". Oh i'm still finishing some fics first. Don't worry.

Glad I don't have to work tomorrow.

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